Vitamin Injections

vitamin injections

Vitamin Injections in Topsham, Exeter

Vitamin intramuscular injection can play a vital role in enhancing your health and protecting your well-being.

Intramuscular vitamin injections are absorbed by the bloodstream which allows for a much higher absorption rate than supplements.


Vitamin C Injections

Benefits of Vitamin C injections include support in protecting cells and keeping them healthy, maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage, supporting the absorption of iron, collagen boosting, increased sun protection, faster hair and nail growth, and faster wound healing.


Vitamin B12 Injections

Benefits of Vitamin B12 include treating anaemia, keeping the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy, metabolise fat and carbohydrates for energy, increased energy and stamina, healthier or improved immune systems, improved sleep patterns, reduced allergies, reduced stress and depression, improved moods, less frequent and severe headaches.


Biotin Injections (also known as Vitamin H)

Benefits of Biotin are strengthening of the hair, maintaining healthy skin, strengthening the nails, maintains healthy LDL cholesterol, proper function of the nervous system and regulates blood sugars. Having Biotin injections has been found to prevent hair loss, especially in males.