Epidermal Mesotherapy Treatment

Epidermal Mesotherapy Treatment

Epidermal Mesotherapy in Topsham, Exeter

Epidermal Mesotherapy is a rejuvenation technique involving micro injections of pharmaceutical agents i.e., amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into the epidermal layer of the skin. This allows the serums to penetrate the very upper layer of the epidermis for transdermal absorption. It is recommended that Mesotherapy treatment is combined after a chemical peel for maximum results. We use the highest quality Toskani professional products for superb results.


Mesolift Cocktail (Face)

A professional lifting and anti-ageing solution that hydrates and improves the appearance of mild and moderate wrinkles. Produces a firming and lifting effect, rebuilding, hydrating and revitalising for mild and moderate wrinkles.


Firming Cocktail (Face)

A professional cocktail with a solution that activates collagen and elastin synthesis, helping the skin to regain its firmness and smoothness. Results include firming and preventing sagging skin.


Anti – Ageing Cocktail HA (Face)

A professional cocktail treatment, promoting the regeneration on the dermis, reducing wrinkle depth by providing a lifting effect and stimulating cellular metabolism. Treats advanced wrinkles, advance photo ageing, keratosis, flaccidity and sagging tissues.


Anti – Pollution Cocktail (Face)

A professional treatment that improves the skin elasticity and prevents skin ageing. Containing powerful antioxidant action that in addition increases the hydration of the dermis. Treats skin exposed to environmental pollutants, damaged or dehydrated and smoking. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, anti-pollution properties, antioxidant effect, cell regeneration, reduction in spots, leading to great improvement in skin condition.


Regenerating Cocktail (Face)

Professional product for skin regenerating and repairing cocktail to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and scars and to repair damaged skin. Treating stretch marks, acne scars and marks, scars, dry and damaged skin.


Anti-cellulite Cocktail

A professional product solution made with a very intensive lipolytic agents and highly diuretic and draining plant extracts for global effect. Ideal treatment for combating general cellulite. Treating hard cellulite and fluid accumulation.



Please note: Prices may vary dependent on the size of area being treated and product needed.